Light box

There are many, posts on any number of crafty blogs and websites about the importance of the 'light box' when attempting to photograph smaller items.

There are portable light boxes, ones that fold up and roll up, light boxes that require special daylight bulbs. There are light tents and even (I kid you not) an entire flickr group devoted to the almighty box of light.  If you're not sure what you want, you can head over to instructables and search of light box for abotu 100 different tutorials on various types - one is bound to suite your fancy.

Even with all of these options (and more - oh yes, there's so much more) I have just found a lightbox situation that works for me. And it's this:



i love Ikea.


I didn't buy this box espeically for it's use as a light box. I honestly didn't even think about it until a few weeks ago. Meanwhile this little bin has been living a good life holding Little Mister's hats and hoodies. That was, until last weekend when this happned:



I realize that it doesn't look all that impressive, but ...



Not bad right?


Light box

Now how about that! What a cool use for the light box...a photo staging area. You're so smart. :-)

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