Giveaway for naming my dress form *Closed*

I need help naming the newest addition to my shop.   Please Note: she is not being given away - ever. I mean, look how pretty she looks in pictures:

Hello gorgeous! 

I've tossed several name around in my head - Cynthia (my best friend in elementary school), Brandy (the name of my first dog), Dora, Boots, Alicia (yea, I need to stop watching my kids' shows), nothing seems quite right. And so I turn to you to help me name her.  

If I pick the name you suggest, you'll get a surprise (read: awesome) item from my yet to be released fall accessories line. *This giveaway is closed*

Even if it's hot where you are right now, cooler weather will come back around eventually. 

Dressed and ready for her close up!


I realize that I may be a little too excited about a dress form, but anyone who has tried to buy a nice, simple dress form has, at some point, walked away with serious sticker shock. I've been looking for a dress form for a couple of years now ... do you know how difficult it is to take good pictures while acting as both model AND photographer :-\


Don't believe me? Enter --- my chin (circa 2010):

 Anyhow, I found this basically flawless form on craigslist from a wonderfully sweet lady - she has two more she wants to sell so let me know if you're interested...and live in the SF Bay Area.  

My sister is still my favorite model and she'll be in town this fall (yay!); I'm already lining a few things up for her. Wait until you see the out-takes from that photo shoot. I can almost guarantee at least one photo of a child semi-entombed in yarn!


But back to the important stuff: What should I name her? (my dress form, not my sister - my sister already has a name)


Dress form names

I feel like she needs an S in there to draw out those curves and strong style.

Sylvia. Cassandra. Samantha. Cecilia. Salome (sorry, too much True Blood). Sofia. Victoria (my MIL suggestion). Aoise (Nigerian). Hokulani (Hawaiian for Heavenly Star)

I like

I like the idea of something with an 'S' ... hmmmm.....

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