September 2012

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Craft Fairs, Holiday Prep and Forgotten Scarves

Working hard. 

End of summer is basically holiday prep time (it may sound crazy, but once halloween arrives its getting close to the end of prep time). Even though as a consumer I can't deal with seeing holiday decrations for sale at the same time as back-to-school items - when you make, and sell, carefully handmade items, it pays to be prepared.

Summer in review

Labor day has come and gone, and walking to and from the train this week, the air has felt very fall-like. I only need one more sign for my personal start  of fall -- persimmions  -- but they're not in the markets; not yet anyway. 

Even without persimmions (and just for the record, I like the crunchy ones, not thoes squishy ones -- ick), I think it's time to do a little summer in review.