February 2012

Classic Granny Square How-to

First things first: how do you make a granny square?

I'm so glad you asked! 


Make a foundation chain: Chain 1, join with a slip stitch (I tend to use the a magic ring instead - video tutorial is in the works)

Round 1: Ch 5, (3 DC into ring, ch2) x3, 2DC into ring, slst into 3rd chain of first ch5


Slst to corner and begin Round 2 

Granny Square Love

Everyone loves a granny square. 

Coming this weekend is the first post in a granny square series that will include a picture tutorial, a video tutorial, giant grannys, tiny grannys... Fun with granny indeed!


First, here's a little bit of granny square love to hold you over:


mini granny square garland

Crochet Icord - Tutorial

Written instructions are nice, and pictures are very helpful, but video - that's where it's at!


Here's my first video tutorial, enjoy (and let me know what you think).